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Clackamas River Water Providers

South Fork is a member of the Clackamas River Water Providers, a group of Clackamas River water providers that have been working together on issues related to the Clackamas River watershed.

The water providers in the Clackamas River Basin have been working together on various water resource issues for more than a decade.  In July of 2005 an Intergovernmental Agreement for Joint Funding for Watershed Activities in the Clackamas Basin was signed between water providers and Clackamas County Water Environment Services to formalize collaborative work on watershed and water quality related projects.   This past summer strides were made to expand these efforts to include water conservation and broader water resource issues with the signing of the Intergovernmental Agreement creating the Clackamas River Water Providers.

This new organization is made up of representatives from City of Lake Oswego, Clackamas River Water, the North Clackamas County Water Commission, South Fork Water Board, and Sunrise Water Authority and includes two staff people, a Water Resource Manager and a Water Conservation Program Coordinator.  The purpose of the organization is to fund and coordinate efforts regarding water resource planning and management, water conservation and the development of the Clackamas River on a sustainable basis.  The Water Resource Manager will be responsible for the day to day operations of the organizations as well as overseeing the development and implementation of the watershed and conservation program.  The Water Conservation Program coordinator will be responsible for expanding the water conservation program establish by South Fork Water Board to the other members of the Clackamas River Water Providers.  For more information about the Clackamas River Water Providers please call (503) 723-3510.

As a member of the Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) both Oregon City and West Linn residents have access to a number of programs:

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